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10 Of The Best Home Security Cameras 2021

Keeping yourself safe in your house should be a priority, moving into a new house sometimes means moving into a new neighborhood, you start out by not knowing your environment, your neighbors, who’s from the area and who is not, leaving your house for work should not become a worrisome task, let’s look at a few home security cameras and how they might contribute to your safety.

1. Arlo Pro 3

I love the simplicity of the ARLO PRO 3 it’s one of the most straight forward setup that’s out there, and it’s UV plus weather-resistant,
the Arlo Pro 3 comes as a set of cameras with 2 different mounts one arm and one magnetic, the design of the cameras will basically fit with any type of exterior because of their sleek designs.

The upside here is the 2k video and color night vision, install the app on your phone and you good to go.

2. Wyze Cam Pan

Don’t be fooled by the price of the camera, its only 35 dollars, but packs a punch, the Wyze Cam can pan around 360 degrees allowing you to follow movement in your house, it comes with a micro-sd card slot for continuous recording, and also stores about 14 seconds of video for 14 days on the cloud which you can access via the Wyze app, a bonus is its ability to work with google home and Alexa, this camera can safe you money try it out.

3. D-Link Full HD Wi-Fi Camera DCS-8300LH

The D-Link DCS-8300LH is a little powerful full HD camera that is surprisingly versatile, the 180 degrees of view differentiates it from many other cameras, I personally love the active area function you choose so that your camera does not record every car that passes your house and only start recording when someone moves into the active area, you can easily mount the camera on the wall or place it on a stand anywhere in the house

4. Ring Stick Up Cam Battery

The Ring Stick Up Cam Battery is a little battery-operated, motion activation, HD camera you can pretty much put it anywhere, setting up the ring app is really easy a few clicks, the latency is good but the sound is not that wonderful.

5. Indoor-outdoor Logitech Circle 2

Was a bit skeptical going into this one, I know Logitech as a pc accessories company, not as a security cam manufacturer, I was totally shocked, I still am, I love that it works just fine with the home kit, the only downside is that it’s not wireless, the Logitech Circle 2’s got everything you want in a home security camera, it also comes with a lot of accessories, with the window mount being my favorite, will also work with Alexa

6. SimCam 1S AI Home Security Camera

The SimCam 1S AI Home Security Camera works with both Google Assistant and Alexa, it comes in black or white, pans 360 but does tilt, the SimCam 1S AI Home Security Camera has an Ai processor that can tell the difference between human, pet, and vehicle, its quite powerful for its small size the object tracking is my favorite, choose what it needs to track and you get an alert as soon as it’s moved.

Bonus, comes with a free micro sd card.

7. Deep Sentinel home surveillance system

Deep Sentinel home surveillance system is in a league of its own, you don’t just get notifications on your phone, but you also get an agent watching and defusing things before it escalates, I advise you to place them outside because you don’t want some stranger watching what you are doing in your house, the Deep Sentinel home surveillance system comes with 3 wireless cameras and a hub, the hub has a snapdragon 820 processor the battery lasts for up to 2 months and the hub gives 64 gigs of storage locally.

The Deep Sentinel home surveillance system gives you two layers of protection, a real person not just you monitoring your house, proactive not reactive.

8. Wyze Cam V2

Low-cost cameras seem to be a thing with Wyze, the Wyze Cam Pan is 35 dollars and the Wyze Cam v2 is only 20 dollars, the value per dollar is amazing, it’s basically has everything the Wyze Cam pan has without the pan it also comes with free 14-day online storage out of the box, how do they make money or are the others just overpriced.

9. Nest Cam IQ Indoor

The Nest Cam IQ Indoor is really stylish, it’s designed in a way that it’s out of place indoors, it looks like it’s a part of the furniture, the video quality is 1080p HD with 130 degrees of view a very generous 12 times digital zoom, the two-way audio in the Nest Cam IQ Indoor is clear and very loud, the night vision is very impressive with 16 infrared LED lights, the only issue I have with it is that it doesn’t have local storage, forcing you to subscribe for cloud storage, the Nest Cam IQ Indoor integrates well with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

10. Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera

The Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera is the smallest camera on this list, it comes with a micro sd slot for local storage, video quality is 1080p HD, the camera does not tilt but has a 130-degree field of view, the Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera comes on the very cheap side but has a lot of usable feature like the 2-way talkback, you can even use a power bank to power it

Final Thoughts

We have this illusion that our homes will always be 100% safe, we’ll that’s not true, people will always try and break into houses or cars, it’s the easy scores they are after, it’s up to you to protect your property, I am a strong advocate for smart home security, being able to connect your house with your phone will make your life easy, knowing that you can at least witness someone breaking into your house and talk to them via two way communication is comforting, the conversation goes from, do you know anybody that has a problem with you, to I have it all on video officer, or you could go with a more hands-on approach like the Deep Sentinel home surveillance system, with someone the other of the camera adding another layer of security and calling the police while the crime is taking place, just having a visible camera can make a difference.

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