There has been a ton of requests for open-plan design throughout the year and this got me puzzled as to why everyone keeps going that route?

In short, The open-plan is making a comeback. I love the huge list of things that you can do with it. it’s a design choice that can be customized to the owner’s desire. let’s look at some open-plan design tips you can use when planning your next build.

Make Small big with white.

The one thing about white paint on walls is that it makes a room look twice as big, so I would advise keeping the walls white or in a lighter natural shade if you have a small open-plan design Another thing that also helps is to keep your floor the same throughout. This has the same effect as white paint on walls, I know we sometimes go crazy with color but this is the one instance that simple, will make your space both look and feel huge.

Divide and conquer with the rug

Sometimes a little addition like a rug goes a long way into making your space more defined and cozy, you are left with an open space once the contractor is done with the building, leaving you with the decision to make livable spaces, one of the things you can do is to use rugs to divide the rooms, it gives the illusion of being in a separate space each time you are on a different rug and also give that well defined. Visual cue every time someone enters the house 

Try out the Great Room

I’ve seen that a lot of houses have a low ceiling height, try increasing that ceiling and try wooden floors, furnish the space with rich natural colors, try gold but do not go overboard, just a little bit, also as I mentioned above, white will never disappoint, a central fireplace will give that Victorian feel to the space, try bright sofas  with a dining area that’s got an elegant wooden table, also make sure that a lot of light can enter into the room

Divide the room with shelving

I noticed that it is a bit more difficult to define an open-plan when it’s larger, there however is a simple but effective way to make it a bit simpler for you, add freestanding furniture, shelves in a staircase looks good, but freestanding shelves can also be used to divide areas, for example placing the shelves between the lounge and dining room not only makes it easy to zone a large area but also gives the area’s personality. 

Define your focal point

The advantage of having a large open-plan design is that you can do a lot with it, but here is where the all-white wall philosophy breaks down, you need a focal point an area that breaks the natural colors, I often think that having your kitchen cabinets in a rich contrasting color or painting the wall helps break the white.

Keep furniture away from walls

It is always a good idea to keep your furniture away from the walls, the purpose of this is to provide walking space between the walls and the furniture, I asked around and found that most homeowners hate it that people have to walk through their spaces, it interrupts conversation meals and more so note whether the open-plan space is designed large or small keep the furniture in the middle.

Don’t forget to incorporate the stairs

The stair is a piece of architecture that can always be used to change the way a room looks, so why hide it, open it up make the stairs visible add glass to, use the bottom part of the lower stairs a storage space and the top as a bookshelf, you will see that light will flood into the room giving it more definition

No more boring ceilings and floors

Like we said before the rug on the floor breaks up a large empty room, another thing you can do is play with the ceiling placements increase height at some places while you decrease it on other also try open roof without a ceiling  the wood brings character to the room another of the thing you can do is by hanging a pendant or a group of pendants over a dining room table kitchen or lounge, some people put wallpaper on ceilings to give it a retro look, I would only advise that if you open space is large, 

Extent the outdoors

Not often do you find fluency between the indoors and the outdoors, one way you can fix this is by installing large floor to ceiling sliding, bi-folding doors to maximize light flow, you get a feel of a natural extension to the outside when you open your doors.

The double-sided fireplace

Image source: woodpecker

The living room is one of the areas that is mostly left open after all other design changes are done to the open-plan design, the fireplace can be a great contender for being a focal point, you would normally see the fireplace in a corner away from everything else, but don’t you think the fireplace belongs in the middle, somewhere between the dining and living room, it is a great feature to have, but I would advise to first consult with safety officials before adding a double-sided fireplace to the open plan design.

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