Australias got a diverse culture and this diversity can also be seen in their architecture, there’s always something for everyone, whether its traditional, colonial, or contemporary, and no, the Sydney Opera House is not the only architectural wonder in Australia

Its as if the design culture here is anything goes, you can find two buildings next to each other from two different times that would look out of place anywhere else but not in Australia, Below are 11 buildings that are a must-see when you find yourself in Australia

1. Q1 (Queensland Number One)


Q1 is the 9th tallest residential tower in the world, The buildings design itself is amazing, it draws its inspiration from the curves of the Sydney 2000 Olympics torch, the Q1 is about 322.5 meters high with one of the worlds fastest elevators that can take you from the ground to level 77 in about 42 seconds, you definitely need to visit the observation deck or skyping with its 360-degree views of the Coast.

SDG & The Buchan Group


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2. Royal Exhibition Building


You know a building is old when it’s on the Unesco world heritage list, the Royal Exhibition Building has been in existence since the 1880s and has since been restored twice, its truly a beautiful site, its also the first of its kind in Australia, the European style architecture can be seen in the design and facade of the building. Surely a building that looks out of place to new visitors but a building that is the heart of Melbourne

Reed and Barnes architecture


3. Eureka Tower


The Eureka Tower is amazing, I know I use the word amazing too much but I seriously geek out on buildings like these, I immediately imagine the thought process that the designers must have gone through to come with something this different, the Eureka Tower is 297.3 m (975 ft) high with an elevator trip that takes just 38 seconds to the top, it also has the one thing that scares me the most and that’s the Edge, a glass cube that projects from the 88th floor of the tower,

Fender Katsalidis Architects


4. 120 Collins Street

120 collins street

120 Collins street is a 265 m (869 ft) high 53 story skyscraper that was completed in 1991, what is this building doing on the list, I get this question because the 120 Collins Street kinda looks like any other New York City grand Art Deco buildings, it’s on this list exactly because of that, the design of the 120 Collins Street building defines the area that surrounds it, it was the tallest building in Australia for a long while and that alone qualifies it a spot on this list, the building has since been knocked down to 3rd place by the Q1 and Eureka Tower, its currently at sixth place

architectural firm Hassell, Daryl Jackson


5. Infinity Tower


Infinity Tower is a 249-meter (817 ft) 81 level behemoth located in Brisbane, the building was opened in 2013 on July 24, the infinity tower was named the Best Residential High-rise Development’ in Australia at the Asia Pacific Property Awards, and rightfully so, it not only looks great but also has a lap pool, sauna, and gym for the 549 apartments.

DBI Architects


6. Federation Square


Every time I talk about it I get this love and hate vibe from people, it starts from its so beautiful to it’s a monstrosity,
One thing is clear, it’s bold it’s different, for me its more fitting since its a venue for arts, culture, and public events, the Federation square is always vibrant with different activities taking place throughout the year, the Federation Square covers an area of 3.2 ha (7.9 acres) in Melbourne’s CBD at the intersection of Flinders and Swanston Streets

Architects LAB architecture studio


7. one40william


The way the one40william came across to me the first time I looked at it was as if a group of Architects had to find common ground on their design, its totally unusual, a mixture of both contemporary and eco-friendly design, even the name one40william is as unique as the building, this is a building you need to visit twice, once daytime and once at night, it’s refreshing to see office space that looks and feels different.

Hassell Perth


8. CarriageWorks


I call it the beautiful open space, CarriageWorks is a good example of what can be done with open spaces, you are guaranteed to see something different every time you visit, built between 1880-89. and transformed in 2006 its got that old meets new feel, you definitely need to make a stop there especially if you love contemporary arts

9. State Library of Queensland


The State Library of Queensland went trough an interesting facelift when it was redeveloped to double its original size in 2006, what immediately draws your attention is the fin facade on the building, the State Library of Queensland is a creative inviting building that makes you feel like your inside the building even when your standing outside, The Library itself has over 1,000 differing rooms and delivers 50 service programs simultaneously

Donovan Hill architects


10. Sydney Opera House


World Heritage-listed in 2007, as one of the great architectural works of the 20th century. The multi-venue performing arts space contains a concert hall, an opera theater, a drama theater, a playhouse, a multi-purpose room, a forecourt as well as restaurants, bars, and eateries. The perfect place to relax and take that epic selfie after a long day of sightseeing


11. Victorian College of the Arts Centre for Ideas


Another interesting building, I’ve got to give it to Australia they’ve got guts, it’s like the Victorian College of the Arts Centre for Ideas wants to break convention design philosophy, you can see a trend in the design of the buildings by looking at the Federation Square above, the Victorian College of the Arts Centre for Ideas was awarded the Australian Institute of Architects prize for Best New Institutional Building in 2004, the color on the stainless steel changes their appearance depending on the weather, all I can say is this building is bold you can’t visit Australia without making a stop there

People travel to see new things experience new cultures and meet new people but the one thing that always amazes us is buildings, want it or not we end up taking selfies in front of beautiful or sometimes strange buildings, Austalia is filled with diverse cultural destinations with beautiful architectural design.

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