A prefabricated home is a house that is manufactured and then shipped to the site either as one complete piece or as separate components that can be easily assembled in one day depending on how big the project is. the process of prefabricating these houses reduces construction waste and improves the quality of the house, another advantage is that the time it takes to assemble a prefab home is shorter than your conventional houses plus they are more affordable.

Below are some companies and individuals around the world that are at the forefront of prefabricated residential homes.

Hex House

Image source: hex house

The hex house is a do it yourself house designed by the architects for the society, that consist of a hexagonal shaped module or modules stacked next to each other the shape and design of the hex house, make’s it stronger than you conventional rectangular-shaped house,

the HexHouse can be build in just a couple of days by the end-user and comes with a set of instructions that makes assembling it easy, they emphasize the use of the hex house as a more durable long-lasting solution for refugee camps and natural disaster relief camps.

the hexagons can combine into different modules for different shapes and multifunctional spaces.



Image source: wikkelhouse

Wikkelhouse seems to check all the squares when it comes to sustainability, its build in the factory wrapping high-quality cardboard around a mold, the Wikkelhouse is highly modular and can be assembled in a day, the buildings can be placed almost anywhere the Wikkelhouse is surprisingly strong for its weight and they claim it can last for a 100 years, 



Image source: Haus.me

Haus.me houses are all fully designed and assembled at the factory and can be shipped anywhere the homeowner wants, a first glance at the building screams premium design and it comes fully equipped with everything you need, furniture, kitchen, sewage system water tanks, electronics and also comes with solar panels for off the grid living. 



Image source: AFrame

Avrame is a home kit company founded by Indrek Kuldkepp in Estonia 

what sets them aside from the rest on this list is that they say they are not a prefab company but a kit company, but the process is the same they manufacture the houses in the factory disassemble them and then deliver it to as as a kit that you can assemble on the site with little or no construction know-how, they now also cater for the Us market and their kits can be shipped all over the world, the Avrame or Aframe is designed in the shape of an A or triangular, this design increases the strength of the build, the sloping site also makes it possible to mount solar panels on its site for optimized efficiency, Avrames can be built anywhere and all information is included with the kit.



Container Build Group

Container Build Group
Image source: Container Build Group

The container build group is an Australian company that converts containers in their factory into works of art, Containers are readily available and are already designed to withstand a lot of harsh weather. The design is done with the input of the owner and looks spectacular. It’s also very sustainable and innovative you would never know that they are made out of containers. 


The modular houses on this list are not of the cheapest but are well designed, You need to be sure what you want before you dedicate yourself to modular homes because its something you’re will have for a long time

You might also like Tiny houses you can buy on the internet, these are strong beautiful tiny cabin kits that take about 2 days to erect.

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