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8 Great Historical Buildings to Visit in Namibia

Namibia is a wonderful country full of great things to see, the country was a German colony from 1884 to 1919, this can be seen in towns like Swakopmund with its large variety of Victorian styled buildings, we’ve put together a list of 8 great buildings to visit in Namibia, please note, most of the buildings are historical

1. Hohenzollern Building

Hohenzollern Building
Wandering around Swakop

The Hohenzollern Building erected during 1905-06 has one of the most peculiar histories for a building situated in Africa, named after the German imperial family of the same name, it started out as a hotel but eventually got their license revoked when it became a gambling den

Location: Swakopmund.

The corner of Libertina Amathila Avenue and Tobias Hainyeko Street

2. Prinzessin Rupprecht Heim

Prinzessin Rupprecht Heim

The Prinzessin Rupprecht Heim was constructed in 1902, it started out as a military hospital and was later taken over by the Bavarian women red cross in 1914, the building is named after Princess Rupprecht Heim, wife of the Bavarian crown prince. 

Location: Swakopmund corner of Bismarck and Anton

3. TransNamib railway station

Transnamib railway station

One of the few buildings that still serve its original purpose, built-in 1912 by Deutsche Staatsbahn for Swakopmund — Windhoek service and then enlarged in 1929 by South African Railways, the Station houses the Railway Museum Opened on July 1, 1993.

Location: Windhoek. 

Bahnhof St right, central business district

4. Christuskirche


The Christuskirche was commissioned in 1896 and was completed in 1907, the church features three bronze bells which bear the inscriptions ‘Ehre sei Gott in der Hohe’ (‘Glory to God in the highest’), ‘Friede auf Erden‘ (‘And on Earth peace’) and ‘Den Menschen ein Wohlgefallen‘ (‘Goodwill towards men’). It also features a bronze plaque that is inscribed with the names of German soldiers and civilians who died during the Nama and Herero uprisings between 1903 and 1907.

Location: Windhoek,

5. The Altes Amtsgericht

The Altes Amtsgericht

The Altes Amtsgericht was built in 1906 as a school, the government took over when the funds ran out and used it as a magistrate office, it then functioned as a school dormitory in the 1960s and now as a municipal office

Location: Swakopmund. 

Corner of Theo-Ben Gurirab Avenue and Tobias Hainyeko Street

6. Woermanhaus


The Woermanhaus is one of the oldest buildings in Swakopmund, build in 1894 it consists of the main house, a courtyard, and the Damaraturm. The Damaraturm also served as a lookout point for incoming ships, additional offices were built in1903 and 1904, The Woermannhaus now houses a library, art center, and tourist information.

Location: Swakopmund. 

Bismark street

7. The Old Prison

The Old Prison

Alte Gefängnis was designed by architect Heinrich less in 1909, this building still serves as a prison, It was proclaimed a national monument on 26th October 1973

Location: Garoeb Street.


8. The Swakopmund Lighthouse

Swakopmund Lighthouse

The Swakopmund Lighthouse opened in 1902, it’s still operational as a lighthouse, the original size of the lighthouse was 36 ft (11 m), the upper section was added in 1910.

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