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Bathroom Architectural Design Ideas

I have noticed that bathrooms are getting smaller and smaller with each design I am asked to do. It seems like the bathroom doesn’t seem to get the same attention that other rooms are getting. This is mostly due to owners thinking that you cannot do a lot with a bathroom, or that its function doesn’t need it to be large. It’s normally the first part of the house that loses square footage when another room needs to be enlarged. Bathrooms need to be located conveniently, especially if there is only one bathroom serving the whole house, you should not need to either walk through a large room like the living room or cross the sleeping area to get to it. This post will look at a few bathroom design ideas on what we can do to make them more inviting, kinda make them more homely but still stunning.

Location and style

bathroom location

The type of building will often dictate the location of a bathroom. A two-story building will often have a half bath downstairs and two on the second floor, one full and another one that’s either a full bathroom or a bathroom suite in the master bedroom

A single-story house will often have a bathroom for the master bedroom and one for the whole family. You can see by the above-mentioned placement that every floor of a house needs at least a full bath or a three-quarter bathroom, this is done not only for convenience but also for the safety of the people on these floors.

I find it ideal if each bedroom has a toilet but also feel like it’s a waste of money and turns the house into a flat, but like I said it’s ideal and should only be done if you can afford it.

Bathroom size

Many countries have different regulations on the bathroom size, and this size doesn’t differ that much. The minimum dimension of a bathroom is normally 1.5 x 2.4m (5ft x 8ft) with the 1.5m (5ft) changing in size as the bathroom gets larger.

Bathroom types

There are four types of bath each with their own function:

  • Half bath
  • Full Bath
  • Three-quarter bath
  • Bathroom suite

Half bath

The half bath is one of the most common bathrooms I encounter in my designs. It’s more a visitor’s bathroom, it only includes a water closet and a lavatory, so I would not actually call it a bathroom,

You can place it next to the living room for easy access for your guests.

Full Bath

full bath

The full bath contains a water closet, lavatory, and a bathtub or a combination of a bathtub and shower. It’s also bigger than the half bath, the full bath is normally your family bathroom since it includes all of the fixtures that you would need in a bathroom.

Three quarter bath

The three-quarter bathroom is slightly bigger than the half bath and contains a water closet (toilet), lavatory and shower.

I’ve noticed that this is the go-to bathroom for many bachelor flats and tiny houses and also is a great bathroom to have when you have a lot of teenagers in your family

Bathroom Suite


The bathroom suite is normally the largest of the bathrooms and has more fixtures than all the other baths. They contain one or two water closets, a large bathtub, and a separate shower. The bathroom suite can be connected to a wardrobe, dressing area

en suite

This type of bathroom can be found in the main bedroom of the house and is one of my favorite bathrooms to design because the owner will often want it to be more comfortable and inviting than the other bathroom. It’s the one place they feel like they can relax when they come back from work after a long, tiring day

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