I recently read an article on the most overrated architects or architectural firms in the world and notice that each one of them was at some point involved in a project that’s way out of the realms of what practicing architects would call normal, 

they call these projects monstrosities jet when I look at them I get a sense of gratitude because they are not the same normal boring builds that in the first place are not functional, these overrated designers push the boundaries of the trade and are punished by their peers for it, Bjarke Ingels is part of that group, another architect I found mentioned a lot was Daniel Libeskind, with architects saying that his Jewish museum in Berlin was gimmicky and that he’s buildings do not take into account concept or place.

Portrait of Daniel-Libeskind
Portrait of  Zaha_Hadid
Portrait of Frank_Gehry

most of them are just pissed because he got the winning design for the reconstruction project on the World Trade Center site. Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid are also on that list, why honestly why, and to my surprise, Bjarke Ingels name’s on the same page as an underrated architect, confused much?. 

image of Architects in cubicles

what I gather from all this is that Architects should stay broke and conventional to be regarded as talented Architects, kind of like a struggling artist, but the moment you break free and become a starchitect you automatically are seen as part of the Illuminati, Break free let them say you are overrated, at least you are doing something unique, inspiring upcoming architects and not sitting in little cubicles wishing you were somewhere else.

Working with Tyrants

If I can convince a tyrant to do something sustainable and non-tyrannical, I will do it in a heartbeat, the picture of Bjarke Ingels standing next to the Brazilian president shocked architects more than the reason he was there, the man went to brazil to convince the guy whose sole purpose is to destroy the rainforest that there is a better way to make money, like maybe sustainable tourism, we anyway are in a time where Trump is seen as a tyrant, so I guess don’t take a picture with Trump, or take it who cares.

VIA_57_West_Bjarke Ingels

I sometimes wonder how countries ruled by kings and dictators have some of the best-designed buildings in the world, almost all of those buildings are designed by western companies why is it only now that its a problem?, the Burj Khalifa and Jeddah Tower where designed by Adrian Smith, the shanghai tower designed by the American architectural firm Gensler, Tianjin CTF Finance Centre designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill an architectural, urban planning and engineering firm headquartered in the US, what all these companies have in common is that they designed buildings in parts of the world that many regards as countries that have questionable practices, does that mean these architects and architectural firms are monsters.

Global Warming and Sustainability

Ive heard and read archuments on how the waste energy ski slope power plant designed by the BIG Group is not doing much for global warming, global warming is not a word you should throw around easily specialy if theres poeple out there thats doing something rather than talking, these guys are trying to make good out of a nasty situation, bilionair developers look for solutions and architects like bjarke Ingels try and solve it the best way they can with the material that is availible at the moment, if you are not going to do it someone else will and that person will not have any type of sustainability in mind, its like the guy who preaches plastic waste and the guy who picks up the plastic and recycles it , so untill you are ready to join the ranks of those designers you call green washers , get out of your house try looking presentable or not, aproach developers, because they are not going to come to you and give them Ideas that are sustainable ecofriendly and can blow their minds away, who knows you might be the next architects that architects love to hate.


I personally love reading up on different architects, designers, and artist, Architecture is basically functional art, in that way it can be wived as such, you love it others hate it, go stand a few hours in an art gallery and you’ll understand what I am saying, 

You can hate him because he’s danish or his websites extension, his success, or even his buildings and you can even call people who like his work idiots, everybody is entitled to an opinion and my opinion is that Bjarke Ingels and all the other architects that are labeled as overrated changed the way many looked at architecture, it’s fun again, it’s like what Elon Musk is doing for space, It was boring for a long time and now its fun to watch and anticipate what they will do next.

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