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Breakfast Nook Architectural Design

We previously talked about how the kitchen is one of the most used places in a house, there is one area that we did not discuss there, that area is the nook. The nook is an area next to the kitchen that the family will use to eat most of their meals. You will not always find a nook on a floor plan because it’s one of those areas that you only add when you have a budget for it. The reason I say this is that you already have a dining room where your family can eat.

the nook

Many families, however, don’t like the idea of using the dining room for every single meal, they would rather use the dining room for formal occasions only, that’s where the nook comes in. It can basically be used as a breakfast area in the snack area during the day or as an area used for families that have irregular work hours (husband is at work, and family already ate )

Note that every little addition to your house will add to your expenses so plan wisely start from what’s important and then add on as your budget allows.

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