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Home office Architectural Design

Home office design has changed over the years, the tradition of making your home office look like any other office at any business is a thing of the past. Today’s home offices are more personal, designed to reflect the owner and in many cases are welcoming and fun spaces.

Home offices range from a single desk with a laptop next to your living room or a designated room with everything you will need. Let’s look at a few things that are important when you set up a home office.


office light

Light is totally important for your home office, inadequate light leads to strain on your eyes, a great solution is having your office where there is good natural light, another is to have great artificial LED light like the TaoTronics Stylish Metal, BenQ Eyecare or the Lumiy Ligwm-htblade.


office ventilation

Make sure your home office is well ventilated either naturally or mechanically, you will spend a large amount of time in your home office, especially if you are just starting your business. Ventilating your office can be as simple as opening a window. This can be a simple yet effective solution if your neighborhood is not polluted with dust, pollen, and unwanted contaminants. Another way is mechanical ventilation. The best systems are those that not only supply fresh air but also extract stale moist air out of the office.



Space for your office depends on your needs and the type of business that you want to run from your house. For example, a service orientated business where you normally don’t need to meet your clients at your office doesn’t have to be large and does not need to have a door that opens to the outside whereas a business that requires you to meet your clients a lot requires a larger space for a work area and space for a bench or seats for your clients. This type of space must have a door that opens to the outside or should be placed next to the main entrance of the house,

Let’s look at some of the other spaces in a house that can be either turned into a home office or can be used as multifunctional space

Bedroom office

bedroom office

This is the ideal home office for bloggers and vloggers, you do not need a lot of space and don’t get clients coming to you. This is great for an online startup because you go to where the content is and mostly need an editing rig for your videos.

Living room office

living room office

This type of home office is the simplest to set up because everything you need is already in your living room, add your laptop and you are good to go. You can also have an area set aside in the living room for your office, just make sure this area blends in with the living room.

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