Living Room Architectural Design Ideas

You can do so much when it comes to living room design, the living room is the center of the house, this is where the family meets it, where they enjoy watching TV and where most of the interaction happens, it’s also one of the first large rooms you encounter when you enter a house, so I think it’s only fair to make it stand out the most,  

Below we’ll look at living room layouts, shapes, and dimensions

Living Room Layout

Living Room Layout

The living room layout is mostly dependent on the type of content you want to place in and what activities it’s going to host. Another thing you want to incorporate is the focal point which in most cases is the television. I believe that a house should be built according to your specifications or at least close to your specifications, so if you like certain types of furniture, include it into the final layout of your living room, find out what the dimensions of the furniture are, this will make it easy to design the floor plan for your living room, as for activities, Larger the size of the house the more activities it will host, so incorporate a table that the whole family can sit around when playing card games or having a meal.

family living room

Living room shapes

Living room shapes

The living room is normally rectangular, especially when it’s part of an open-plan set up with the kitchen, spice things up a little. It might even contribute to the overall living room design. If you want something a little different add a little area that cuts out from the rectangle. Kind of like the little nook you get in a kitchen, you can double it as a little office or space for a piano. Another design you can add to your living room is to lower the level of the living room, especially if it’s part of an open-plan, a little step down will define it more as a space that’s on its own.

lower living room

Door and window placement is another important part of your living room and can also influence its shape, 


Doors must always provide circulation through the lining room, you should be able to enter the room without walking into an obstacle, 

It’s also good practice to keep the door away from corner walls, this makes the door an obstacle special if you plan on placing bookshelves on that side of the wall


High windows don’t belong in the living room, the seats are low and you want to see the view outside without getting up every time there is movement outside. Low windows also look better since they are larger than small higher windows, and don’t forget bay windows. Bay windows add some depth to your living room and like I said above makes the overall design of the house interesting