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The Best Prefab Shipping Container Home Builders

There’s always a debate when the topic of shipping container homes comes up, are they viable or not, today is not that day, what I want to look at however are prefabricated shipping container homes which undeniably are more expensive than building your own container house, the advantage of a prefabricated house is that it comes with a lot of luxuries that wouldn’t otherwise be part of your self-made shipping container home, it’s also built in a controlled factory environment with rigorous quality control programs and less waste. 

The prefab modular shipping container home manufacturers and designers on this list are not only our favorites but are the ones with active contact details and working websites, just to make it a bit easy for you, also note that I am in no way affiliated to these prefab home builders.

via honomobo.com

1. Honomobo

Honomobo changed a lot of my friend’s views on shipping containers homes, they have more than one type of shipping container structure, they build home offices, H series container homes the M series, and the Honomobar.

via honomobo.com

The mobo home office blew my mind away, they use about 1/3 of a shipping container to make this stunning portable mobile home office you can place anywhere on your property, and get this, they are fully electrified, a great option for the business from home professional, it’s sometimes necessary to have your home office a little detached from the main house, my favorite build from Honomobo is the H series container homes, I don’t even know if I should call them container home, you hardly see the shipping containers, both the interior and exterior are flawless, you know what, just go to their site, they’ll make you a believer in no time.

via honomobo.com

Company: Honomobo

site: honomobo.com

2. Custom Container Living

Custom Container Living was established in 2015 by Robert Wagner, they work with their clients throughout the design and building process which means that you get a fully customized build that can pretty much be set up anywhere you want, their shipping container homes are delivered almost anywhere within the US, with shipping ranging from $500 to $7400, they are the guys you want to go to when you want that traditional shipping container look, you can also check out some of their floor plans, who knows you might just want one yourself.

Company: custom container living

Site: customcontainerliving.com


The big guys, LOT-EK does amazing work all around the world, the first time I heard about them was when they did driveline studios in Johannesburg South Africa, everything about the project was unorthodox the way they first stacked the containers 6 stories high before they cut into it amazed me, especially because the cutting is normally done before the shipping containers get stacked on top of each other.

LOT-TEK is an architectural design firm based in New York and Naples., they have this thing where they take shipping containers and turn them into beautiful spaces, I get it, I sound like a fanboy but look at their projects, they’re amazing.

Company: LOT-EK

Site: lot-ek.com

4. Truth Box Architects

Truth Box is another company that shows just how practical container homes are, even if it’s with an office, the Box Office consists of shipping containers stacked on top of each other, what sets them aside from many other container builders is that they often keep the original corrugated look on the exterior. The clean design of the interior hides any trace or feeling that you’re in a shipping container. 

Company: Truth Box Architects

Site: truthbox.com

Final Thoughts

These are but a few companies that build and design modular shipping container homes, to be precise these are my favorites. Again, I am in no way affiliated with any of these companies but acknowledge that they are changing the way we view modular shipping container homes and offices.

Let’s try and make unconventional construction and architecture the new normal all that’s left now is to make it more affordable so that more people can afford them.

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